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Employees, Activate: How an Engaged Team Helps Build the Dream

Dec 11, 2020

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Employee activation is a formal program designed to allow employees to build and share the content that resonates with them. But why exactly is it so crucial for the success of your business?

What Is An Activated Employee?

It’s well-known that a happy, engaged, and symbiotic workforce can make all the difference in a hyper-competitive market. Activated employees are inspired, connected, engaged, passionate, and share their goals and vision. Activated employees will have an honest belief in what they do and what your organization stands for, making them your best brand ambassadors. 

According to Everyone Social, an activated employee is a part of a positive, thriving work culture. A negative, cutthroat working environment is inversely associated with employee activation. The more merciless the company, the less likely its employees will be happy, engaged, and active in promoting your brand.

The Benefits of Employee Activation

Happy employees and happy customers are two sides of the same coin. Both are essential for a successful business; both are gears that function as a part of a company’s whole. With your employees being the face of your company, it’s critical that they want – and need – the business to succeed as much as you do. 

Activated employees are virtually walking, talking billboards with a social media presence. And the best part is, there is no upfront cost associated with activating a happy employee. They are enthusiastically, authentically advertising your brand through their own positive experience and ideas. 

Enthusiasm for job and company are a type of authentic advertising that cannot be bought. Their strength becomes your strength: activated employees can turn their positive experiences into your positive bottom line.

How Activated Employees Drive Business

Employee activation can be a significant business driver. Suppose you have a team that is happy with the workplace culture and truly and authentically believes in what they’re selling. In that case, your business can benefit from organic advertising and widespread appeal. 

Activated employees are satisfied, who feel welcome in their work environment, and whose interests and values are aligned with that of the company. These team members are likely to work harder, promote products and services that they genuinely believe in, and be the organization’s smiling, happy faces. 

According to Marketing Insider, activated employees: 

  • Boost rates of customer retention by up to 18 percent
  • Facilitate a 25 percent increase in productivity
  • Financially, a 10 percent improvement in employee engagement rate can yield around $2,400 of profit per employee per year.

The difference is so drastic, a poll by Gallup found that companies with activated employees regularly outperform companies with unactivated employees by over 200 percent!

As a growing business, it’s natural to want to turn your attention outward. You want to expand, thrive, and reap the rewards. But what many companies are now learning is that outward growth requires inward growth as well. A healthy, happy, and engaged workforce ensures that everyone wins from the ground up.

In conclusion, empowering your brand is what employee activation is all about. With an activated team behind you, anything is possible. To learn more about how we can help, reach out today


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